Future is too important for us, to be left to somebody else. We believe in a modern patriotism based on responsibility, optimism, trust and diversity. We care and we change the world. Lobbying of desire future is our highest priority.


Our unique platforms create strategic dialogue and inspire future solutions. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. Our projects always expand horizons, offer mix of discussion, insight, food for thought and entertainment. Integrating the real elites of business, science, culture, NGOs, art, administration and media is one of our biggest challenges.


We gain from the past, but we know it cannot be relieved. That is why we empower others to succeed by new form of inspiration and creative projects. Unexplored interstices, current trends are the places where social and business innovations are made. We open the doors to new experiences and perspectives and redesign the way of thinking about the future.

"Unique Ideas Group projects inspire to think about the unusual ways of management, they motivate to see the new uprising perspectives of economic, cultural, social and political context of it I am glad I could participate in the activities prepared by Mr. Radtke. The way that Mr. Radtke organize and manage his projects allows me to recommend his activities."

Solange Olszewska, Founder, Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.


SZKOŁA 3.0 is an educational project organised by Sarigato Foundation from Poland. The aim is to help children in need, by learning them how to code. Foundation opens news possibilities for children, educates them how to use new technologies wisely and creatively. Sarigato Foundation organizes programming classes in Polish orphanages. Thanks to this initiative children will gain useful skills which will enable them to become independent in the future, live happy and satisfying lives. If you want to help, please click here: SZKOŁA 3.0




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